The National Week of Children

CADRE company hopes that by organizing this event contributing to display the child's immediate problems. And contribute to the resolution, as well as through the exhibition working on promoting the special needs of the child to be provided in the local market.

company agendas

The company is preparing to implement several artworks, as well as a local and international events,
And some of the projects under consideration

The National Week of children

The company is preparing to establish the second national week for children, a scientific conference - a commercial exhibition contains a specialized needs of the child, and Variety Festival of children in Nov. 2018

The First International Libyan Water Conference & Exhibition

The company preparing to organize with the participation of Assembly of Libyan Academics and Experts the First International Libyan Water Conference & Exhibition from 24 to 26 April 2018 in Corithia Hotel - Tripoli

Illegal immigration film

In collaboration and partnership with a global production companies we are preparing to produce a global movie for illegal immigration.



The Children are our future - Let us work together to build the future


Our Services

Our services include all aspects of information services, for example the production and distribution of artwork of television, cinema, radio, newspapers and publications, as well as all types of advertising.
the company also has all the ingredients, to organize exhibitions, conferences successfully.

Organizing exhibitions and conferences

The company organizes local and international conferences and exhibitions, whether to it advantage or for the benefit of any entity who looking for a partner to organize their own events, certified on the latest styles and international standards.

Advertising Services

We execute all the advertising services such as design, printing on different materials, as well as all types of advertising, printed and TV commercials, and audio ads

Public relations campaigns management

we have an expert and consultants as well as professionals in the media field, so we Prepare comprehensive plans for the campaigns, and performed by professionally style and calculated timetable

Production and distribution

We produce and execute all artistic works, such as the cinema and television production, and documentaries, by a dedicated and professional staff

Consulting and training

We provide all scientific and Artistic advice and support for our clients, through specialists, and train and raise the efficiency of workers, in the media field

Technical Services

The company staff consists of many professional technicians of design and implementation in interior decoration, special designs for exhibitions, and the installation and maintenance of the giant screens, and all the propaganda equipment

Our Works

The company has implemented many successful projects in the field of information services and the organization of exhibitions and conferences, so it surpassed the obstacles and difficult working conditions by its experience and efficiency of its work group

Libya GeoTec2


Libya GeoTec2


Libya GeoTec2


Libya GeoTec 2


Tripoli International Fair

Ministry of Education Pavilion 2017

Creative Women's Exhibition

Tripoli 2017

Creative Women's Exhibition

Tripoli 2017

Creative Women's Exhibition

Tripoli 2017

Children's Week

Tripoli 2017

Children's Week

Tripoli 2017

Children's Week

Tripoli 2017

Children's Week

Tripoli 2017

Children's Week

Tripoli 2017

International Women's Day

Corinthia Hotel - Tripoli
International Women's Day Corinthia Hotel - Tripoli

Mizdah Short Film Festival

Mizdah - Libya 2017

About Us

Establishment of the company to be its name cadre for all the artwork by an experienced group in the field of media services, It Founded in 2016 to be a continuation of the achievements and experiences that obtained by the workgroup

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Multi Capability

A local company adopts a global vision, professional in it's career by highest advanced methods, headquartered in the Libyan capital - Tripoli, includes a number of active and distinct competencies in the fields of information services and other related fields, as well as organizing exhibitions and conferences

As a result of its commitment, strategy, and professionalism - the company is working with the best partners in this field, combining of the international communication and technical expertise to provide quality and professional services inside and outsideLibya

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Our Process

We prepare a strategy to implement our business to ensure that we reach our objectives, and achieve the highest standards of quality













Meet The Team

The company has a group of experiences and competencies in various fields.
all working under a management which seeks to reach an integrated action

Attaib Ahmed

General Manager

Possess experience in the field of media, Directed many of a commercial and service companies, believes in the advanced management and team work.

Overseeing the specialized departments of the company, providing support for the implementation of works.

Mahmoud Fathalla

Executive manager

Experienced a public relations and marketing campaigns, oversaw to organize a lot of exhibitions and international conferences and events

Responsible for implementation of all works carried by the company, and marketing supervisor of artwork and events organized by the company

Abdul Salam Husan

Media Production Manager

Cinematic director - won several international awards in the short films - directed many TV dramas documentaries and theatrical performances

Responsible for the production and distribution of artistic media work

Khalid Edris

Financial Director

Expertise in accounting systems , budgets And feasibility studies.

In charge of the audit, revenues, expenditures, economic studies and company financial follow-ups

Our Skills

Organizing Exihibitions
Media Services

Our History

Statistics of previous works, carried out by staff of the company during the year

These statistics do not represent the work of our company, but an experience of company staff

Statistics of previous works, carried out by staff of the company during the year

These statistics do not represent the work of our company, but an experience of company staff

The company established in this year, and carried out many of the acts, within the field of it specialization.

The company plans to implement a series of projects within the agenda for this year, and began to prepare and develop implementation mechanisms


Our objectives, success, distinction, creativity, satisfaction, global
By management, diligence, the correct choice of means, and the desire to succeed
The company chooses most competent persons, the most experienced in the field, and the teamwork believers who love their work.

Last event Facts

Children's Week

Tripoli - Libya 2017

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Our Partners

The company believes in the principle of cooperation between the institutions, and the exchange of expertise and services between them to reach the quality of implementation of the works and projects carried out.
To achieve this principle, we establish partnerships to collaborate with various parties

  • Libyan Society of Remote Sensing and GIS

  • Company Site
  • Exhibition Design and Build, Event Planing

  • Company Site
  • Billbord and adcertising material, Printing

  • Company Site

Latest Blogs

The company has implemented many successful activities within the scope of which specializes in, and aspiring to more success

Libyan Children's Week

The largest event of 2017 in Libya, and for the first time a special event for children in this form, Held for a week from 19 August to August 2017, The program included a conference discussing problems related to children, and the ways of finding scientific solutions for, an exhibition that includes all the exhibits related to the child, and an artistic cultural festival with the participation of all classification of children. The festival included a series of awareness lectures for the family and children

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Libya Geo Tec 2

Established the conference and exhibition for geospatial technologies in the capital Tripoli (Corinthia Hotel)   All participants and attendees recognized that the organizing of this event with high quality and professionallyby the company

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The preparatory meeting for the organization of the first water conference

The company held a series of preparatory meetings for the organization of the first Libyan International Water Conference 2018, with the participation of the Assembly of Libyan academics and experts, The event will be held from 24 to 26 April 2018 at Corinthia Hotel - Tripoli, On the sidelines, an exhibition will be organized for companies and entities related to desalination and water bottling
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